Introducing SAS W-4 Beardless Forage Wheat

The new standard for double crop rotational value

  • The first dual-purpose forage wheat system involving both boot stage and soft dough applications.
  • Beardless heads and phenomenal tillering capacity make SAS W-4 the ideal forage alternative.
  • Green chop early for maximum protein per acre, or lay it down later for soft dough grain silage.
  • Grain yield exceeding 180 bushels per acre create a bonus situation for net metabolizable energy in the soft dough stage.
  • Grain protein levels of 14% add to the nutritional value of the grain silage.
  • Planted late fall or early spring, this facultative variety from the Blackman breeding program creates a tall plant that is exceedingly vegetative with a disease profile that defies logic. No stripe rust, leaf rust, septoria or powdery mildew will affect the growth and productivity of this amazing cultivar.
  • With the same relative maturity as Trical 102, and even more vegetative matter SAS W-4 provides an ideal substitute for the nutrient uptake component in a dairy waste management plan.
  • It is widely known that European germplasm has the edge on vegetative propagation and disease resistance; this facultative variety is no exception. At a cost/benefit ratio far exceeding that of triticale or conventional soft white wheats, SAS W-4 is the new standard for double crop rotational value.